Jerin Sharif Capstone Fall 2022

Hello my name is Jerin Sharif and my capstone is to move a 3d object from blender, where it may originally be created, to OpenGL and finally end up on AWS. The purpose of this would be for many reasons, for example you may find yourself wanting to view an object or create a scene or game from a phone, tablet or laptop that do not have GPU’s and may not be able to render that object, or simply you may just want to remotely develop using OpenGL.
Starting with blender, a free to use application that allows for designing 3d objects, as well as creating scenes, animations, etc., we can develop our object and design it however we wish. In our hypothetical situation we just made a bunny and now we want to show our friends who may not have access to a GPU but want to start developing with it in OpenGL.
Using Visual Studio I made some code for OpenGL, which is an API that communicates between your GPU and CPU to render and create views and other things from scratch. You can create controls for cameras, lightings, how things are rendered and textures, etc. You can actually use just c++ and OpenGL to create your own videogame from scratch. However in our situation we are just going to keep it simple with our bunny render and some lighting. This code simply runs that bunny in a window and lets us control a camera to view it as an object.
We are then ready to move all of this to AWS to make use of its ability to have Pay-As-You-Go EC2 instances that can incorporate CPU’s and GPU’s to our fancy, depending on our project. Originally the concept was to develop this through Cloud9, however this is not possible seeing as cloud9 runs through Amazon Linux, and the only AMI’s that AWS allows to have elastic GPU’s with OpenGL on them are through windows EC2 instances, so I have a running EC2 with a t2.medium and an elastic GPU on it. I have downloaded the files I made via Visual Studio on my desktop and can simply click the executable to get the same results as before.
This is remotely accessed and can be used on any type of device with that ability. No need for high end GPU’s, high end computers, or really anything other than remote access abilities. You can further this project by even developing on this Amazon EC2.
Through this project I learned many things, such as Visual Studio IDE and development, OpenGL and other libraries such as GLEW and vector assisting c++ libraries, I also learned much on Cloud9, EC2 instances and remote access. These are just broad scopes because they have much deeper things that I have learned and still have room to continue to learn.


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  1. Jason Isaacs Avatar
    Jason Isaacs

    Hi Jerin,

    This looks like a cool project that integrates a lot of different technologies. So will your tool work on any blender created 3D object?

    1. admin Avatar

      Yes it will! Any object that Blender can import can be used on this project 🙂

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